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What Makes Us Unique?

checkbox_30x301st Escape Game in Georgia
checkbox_30x30Spacious Escape Game Rooms
checkbox_30x30Degreed Team Building Experts (MSW/MBA/MS)
checkbox_30x30Seating for Everyone

checkbox_30x30Large Briefing Room
checkbox_30x30Free Team Pictures
checkbox_30x30Custom Debrief with Your Team
checkbox_30x30No Waiver (HR approved & Family Safe)

So What Is An Escape Game?

Real-life escape rooms are a new concept and we opened the first Escape Game Company in Georgia. We design all of our games in house with the most immersive technology and with spacious rooms. If you have a large team or party we will host you in our large briefing room where we will have seating for everyone. After a briefing video your team will enter one of our themed game room(s), where you will watch a video to immerse you into the storyline. Then the countdown clock starts and your team will have one hour to find clues, solve puzzles, crack codes, and investigate everything to make it out in time! Teamwork and communication are critical – it’s the perfect activity for friends, families, co-workers, couples, and is great for meeting new people. It’s the most action-packed hour in Atlanta. Come put your skills to the test, and unlock your potential!

Our Game Rooms!

CDC Lockdown

Stop the outbreak. Find the antidote. Save the world.

An unexpected surprise occurs during a friendly tour of the CDC. Your team is now in charge and must find a way to save yourselves and escape the CDC in one hour.

Are you up for the challenge?

Jewel Heist

It takes a thief.

A challenge has been issued by an elusive figure – can you steal from the world’s greatest thief? Enter her elaborate estate to see if you have what it takes to pull off the heist of a lifetime in under an hour!​

Great for all kinds of groups!

The Magician’s Room

Do you have what it takes to become an apprentice of Mr. Magic?

The world’s greatest magician, Mr. Magic, is looking for some apprentices.  Do you have what it takes?

Fun for all ages!

FBI Mafia Investigation

Do you have what it takes to be an FBI Agent?

The FBI suspects some illegal activity going on at Vinny’s Pizzeria. Can you gather the evidence and take down the Mafia in time?

Bring your group!


Bring 1-7 of your friends. Better than a movie. You'll talk about this for months. Better than bowling!

Team Building

Not physically challenging. Includes everyone. Gets teams talking. Carries back to office.


Cell phones off - Communication on. Fun & Exciting. Everyone loves being together. Take on the Challenge.

Date Night

Fun way to spend time. Communicate easily. You'll have something to talk about.

Game Enthusiasts

High level challenge. Time is the enemy. Simulation feels real. Make the Wall of Fame.


Break out to the best entertainment. Unleash your potential. Simulation feels real. The Best Way to Spend an hour in Alpharetta or Atlanta.

TripAdvisor Reviews

20 or so of us converged upon Urban Escape for a team outing. We divided up into 3 groups. Each group was assigned to a game room. They have 4 different games to play. We had 1 hour to navigate the clues in each game that would help us “escape” the room (don’t worry they don’t lock you in there!)….TheGardners_11, Atlanta, GA
Second time coming but with a different set of friends. I cannot recommend this place highly enough. The staff is fabulous and the rooms are awesome. It is so challenging. I’ve almost escaped twice now and by almost, I mean another 30 seconds and we would have been out. Such a fun time. Can’t wait to plan the next one.Charlotte S
Recently we had our team building event at Urban Escape Games, the activities do really promote team building and interaction and above all everyone had fun. I would recommend this for such team building events and fun.A TripAdvisor Member
We went as a family to urban escape and loved it! We went to an early reservation and brought our 16, 14 and 10 year old girls. We had so much fun working together with them to solve the puzzle to escape the cdc. Can’t wait to go back and escape a new room!
“Super fun- Can’t wait to go back!” – I went to Urban Escapes as part of a team building event at work. Had a fabulous time and can’t wait to go back with friends and family. The staff was very engaging and excited for us to be there. The puzzles were well thought out and challenging. It was such a unique experience that I’m looking forward to going…

Conveniently located in Alpharetta, 1.1 miles west of GA 400 at Exit #8 (Mansell Road)

4Game Rooms
37Percent Escape Rate
100Percent have a great time!

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