ABC Blocks

In this blog, we are going to present you with the first part of the escape room ABC’s. Take these tips to heart when playing through your next game!

  • Always be doing something. If anyone on your team is not contributing, feel free to encourage them! They may just be confused as to where to start.
  • Be on the lookout for puzzles. You never know what may or may not be a puzzle to be solved.
  • Clues are very important to helping you escape. We allow three clues per game. Use them wisely!
  • Don’t overthink! While some puzzles may be challenging, sometimes the most simple solution is the answer.
  • Each teammate matters! If you think you cannot contribute to the team, don’t be silly! From note-takers to clue keepers, every person can have a role and contribute.
  • Family and friends make your experience more fun.
  • Give your team time to explore the room and discuss when to use your clues.
  • Have FUN! Ultimately, you’re here to have a good time. Win or lose, make your experience a fun one.
  • Investigate everything. You never know just where a key or valuable piece of info may be hiding.
  • Join us next time for the rest of the Escape Room ABC’s.

We hope you got some good tips! Come back later this week for more Escape Room ABC’s and prep your team for success. Urban Escape Games has been in business for five years and continues to be one of the best escape room experiences in Georgia. Book online or give us a call for availability. We now have locations in both Alpharetta and Marietta for even more escape room fun. Both locations have unique challenges for your team. Can you escape in time?