ALLL TOGETHER NOWWHave you ever wondered what kind of team is most likely to succeed in escaping one of our real life escape rooms? Well the answer is…really any kind of team! You never know who is going to escape or not when they first start one of our four unique escape rooms. But we can talk about the common trends we see in groups that do escape.

First thing would be taking notes. Most teams that wind up making it out of the room are ones who have stayed extremely focused on taking great notes during their time playing. Whether they are keeping track of potential codes, or if they are keeping track of pieces of puzzles they may or may not have solved, note takers and clue keepers are essential in helping your team stay organized in order to escape in time and are the most popular of the common trends we see.

Another type of team would be one who knows when to divide and conquer. There are plenty of times in escape rooms when a team can all work together to solve puzzles. But have you ever been in a scenario where you have had multiple puzzles you could have been working on at once? If you and your team can find moments during the hour to do this, you will find yourself saving lots of time in the attempt to beat the hour.

Needless to say, there are a lot of types of teams that come through our doors and these are some common trends we see. We are interested in hearing your ideas for what makes a great escape room team. Do you come with your family? Do you come with your friends? Try to book with a group of strangers? You’ll have a great time either way! Regardless of who you play with make your reservation with us today. Give us a call or book online to reserve your spot today!