Have you ever played an escape room with random people? It’s a great chance to get to learn how you work with people you’ve never met before; it can also help build your character. You can also come and play with your family and friends and see how well you work together with them. Our games help people establish roles and stronger teamwork. Seeing how you work with your peers and seeing how they function under stress helps build friendships and strengthen them. It doesn’t matter who you play with. Our games were created with teams in mind. We wanted to make folks work together and solve a task as a team.

People work together well when they want there is a goal. Putting folks in our game will allow people to solve puzzles, have fun, and build character. We highly recommend you bring your coworkers or bosses to come check out our games and see how the office dynamic is! We have plenty of games for you to test the relationship you guys have in the office. It doesn’t matter who you play with.

Another thing we see in our games is people taking roles, there sometimes is a team leader or a note taker or a big brain puzzle solver, so you guys can come play and see what each person in your office’s roles is. It doesn’t matter who you play with. Each role has its own purpose and reason and is necessary for a well-balanced and functioning team. For example, the team leader can help everyone stay organized and keep everyone together. Or the note taker task is to keep all the information written down organized and ready for the team to use or for the team to discard when they don’t need it anymore.

Remember to make the most of whoever you attempt your escape with. Book now online or give us a call and we will be happy to get you started!