Boats on the OceanWhen you are growing up, you find yourself with giant aspirations. Life goals tend to be out of this world when you are a kid! Did you find yourself wanting to be an astronaut? Maybe something more like a doctor or nurse? Some kids have the dream of being a pirate when they grow up. While sailing the seas in search of gold is not really an option these days, we can learn a lesson from how pirate crews were assembled and apply it to our escape room teams. Assemble the perfect crew!

There are lots of different positions to take into consideration when you assemble the perfect crew. For example, every crew has to have a navigator. A “navigator” type player of an escape room may be the one keeps a team organized and on track. You only will have an hour to escape the room, so having someone to keep you on track is a surefire way to boost your chances of escaping.

Another extremely important member of a crew would be a “shipwright”, someone who would be in charge of fixing problems with the ship should they come up. While you will not have a need to fix any ships in our games, a “shipwright” like teammate could be in charge of picking up the pieces if someone is having difficulty on a puzzle. Maybe something of a secret weapon.

Lastly, but certainly not least, is the captain of the ship. The captain of an escape room would be in charge of assigning who does what on the team, as well as taking charge when decisions need to be made. A good leader in an escape room situation can extremely boost a team’s chances of escaping.

We look forward to seeing you assemble the perfect crew and come sailing through our doors soon! Make your reservations online or over the phone today!