Some words from a staff member: In the last few years I have really become more familiar with Escape Rooms and the potential they possess. Gather your team and let them experience the adventure! Think about it, where else can you go and explore another world? Be immersed somewhere you would not normally be able to even be at? Be on an adventure in a safe environment where you can work with others and solve puzzles and reach your goal as a team? People of all ages find this a fun thing to do in this adventure packed atmosphere.  It’s great for team building events for corporations, or just the family looking for a Saturday night out or wanting to celebrate that birthday.  In going to an escape room, you are able to discover new things and possibilities and see things happen that can surprise you or even be exciting.  You can see technology that maybe you didn’t even know existed and experience the adventure.

The possibilities out there for Escape Rooms are endless. There is so much creativity and diversity and so many options and choices.  Make a choice to do something that will stimulate your brain and work on communication skills with those around you.  Why not have a blast while learning and growing and enhancing brain power? So get out there, experience the adventure, and explore that Pirate Ship or help Doc out who is Trapped In Time, steal that jewel from the famous jewel thief or get out of that cell.  Be a hero with your family or friends, if only for an hour. Explore the possibilities. Can you escape in time? Go ahead, take that first step in discovering new worlds and give it a try and book your room. Give us a call at 678.805.2189 or check our website for availability.