urban escape games funHere at Urban Escape Games, we have four unique escape room experiences. A lot of our customers have played multiple times, each game they play being its own special adventure. We create games that all are around the same difficulty level. No game is harder or easier than another here. We welcome customers from across the metro Atlanta area. Even corporate groups will find times to come play, using their time together as a fun method of group bonding and getting to know each other.

Various kinds of groups will come through our doors. From teachers to actors, from potato farmers to athletes; the amount of unique professions we see come through our doors is astounding. Everyone always ends up having a great time in any of our four unique escape room experiences. So much so, that they wind up coming back and bringing a new team every time. Whether you have ever played an escape room or not, you always have a chance to escape our rooms.

Most of the times, teams will plan their game or games in advance. We also accept walk ins on weekends if availability is open for those who have the spontaneous decision to have themselves locked in a room. Escape rooms are a great way to test your mind and reasoning skills. You will most certainly learn more about team, be it friends or family, than before you entered the escape room.

So after you attempt one of our four unique escape room experiences, whether you are a teacher going back to school to teach, or a farmer going to scare animals away from his farm, you will ALWAYS have the memories of a fun time in one of our real life escape games. Be sure to make your reservation today! We are accessible from across Metro Atlanta. And if you are ever passing through Georgia, be sure to stop by and play a game! We look forward to having you play soon!