Super Mario Maker 2There’s a new release that is taking the gaming world by storm! It’s called Super Mario Maker 2 and it let’s the player become the game maker. There is a lot to think about when creating levels for your players. Super Mario Maker 2 is like escape rooms. More accurately, designing a level is like designing an escape room. You are in complete control and need to test your creations over and over to ensure they are fun and solvable.

When designing a level, it is important to consider several different things as they relate to the player experience. The first and most important is to understand that you aren’t there to punish your player. You want to help them along by telegraphing the correct way to go or by giving them a hint to the solution of a puzzle. Super Mario maker 2 is like escape rooms! You also must telegraph your puzzles to your players so they aren’t lost or frustrated. The second thing to consider is game flow. Your players need to feel both moments of tension and of safety. It is best to interweave these sections throughout your level or escape game. There should be times when your player is able to make simple connections to get an easy win, as well as times where they are sweating bullets attempting a difficult jump or puzzle. Ensure that your level is fun by testing it over and over.

If you’re looking for some fun game design, why not come try out one of our escape games? After all, Super Mario Maker 2 is like escape rooms. Playing one of our games could give you some great ideas about game flow and how to push your players in the right direction. Give us a call or click here to book online. We are located in Alpharetta and ready to help you have an amazing time!