Find your Teammates Strengths.One of the latest crazes sweeping the nation are escape room. People from all over are loving the opportunity to get together with their friends and family and solve puzzles in order to escape different kinds of scenarios. Another craze sweeping the nation is a video game by the name of Overwatch. In the game you work with your team through various objectives in order to stop the other team from winning. There are a ton of characters to choose from. Find your teammates strengths. Funny enough, you can relate the personalities and methods of some of these characters to certain players you often find in escape rooms.

Team composition is something very important in both Overwatch and escape rooms. In Overwatch, it’s important to have a good balance of offensive characters, healers and tanks (strong characters with lots of HP). Find your Teammates Strengths. In escape rooms, you want to have a balance of note takers, puzzle solvers and even a team leader to boost their chances of escaping.

In Overwatch, the is a character called Tracer who is designed to be quick and can even rewind time in case a mistake is made. While you cannot rewind time in your escape game (though you are welcome to try), working fast is highly recommended as there is only an hour to escape.

There is a character in Overwatch called Reinhardt who is constantly boasting positive attitude, no matter what the scenario. It is important to remain positive when playing through the escape rooms even if you think you are not going to escape. Most of the time if a team is more focused on worrying that they are not going to escape, they will not be able to finish the puzzles they are working on.

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