Creating the Perfect Team is like Building a House in MinecraftIn order to boost your chances of escaping our real-life escape rooms, you will have to find a way to have your team successfully work together. Creating a team is like building in Minecraft. It takes building piece by piece for the project to be successful.

One of the more successful games of today’s generation is called Minecraft. In the game, you (and your friends if desired) can work on building anything you desire. But building your dream world takes time and patience and a lot of focus. These prerequisites are also often required before you and your team comes to play at our escape rooms.

First you must gather your team, similar to how your character in Minecraft must gather materials to build whatever it is you desire in your world. Find the perfect teammates from within your group of family and friends. Find your team’s clue keeper, organizer, team leader etc. The same way you want to collect the precise materials for whatever it is you are building in Minecraft.

Patience is something that can be a double-edged diamond sword in escape rooms. While in Minecraft, patience is required to make sure there are no mistakes in whatever structure you are building. While in an escape, patience can be used to make sure you are getting correct answers, but with only an hour to escape it is recommended to work fast and efficient. Creating a Team is like Building in Minecraft.

Focus is another thing required for both situations. Focus on your surroundings in both Minecraft (to avoid the enemies of the world) and our escape rooms (make sure to balance your puzzle solving with your allotted time limit) is a necessity.

So once you’re through building the ultimate paradise in Minecraft, book an escape room at Urban Escape Games today! We look forward to seeing you soon!