Figure out some summer plansSummer is here and it’s time to figure out some summer plans. There are a lot of different options. You can visit the beach. Take a trip to a different state to visit family. Some even make plans to leave the country for travel in order to discover new areas of the world and see sights they could not experience from the comfort of their homes.

However, some are not able to do too many plans away from home. So what are some ideas of what to do when you can’t travel far away? You can go see a movie. Visit the neighborhood pool. Get dinner with friends. Or you can book an escape room at Urban Escape Games.

We are located just outside of Atlanta and are easily accessible from many metro-Atlanta locations. Our escape rooms are designed to be family friendly so you can bring any member of the family you desire! Our games are also meant to be challenging but not impossible. At the time of writing this blog our escape rate is only at 37%. That escape rate goes across all four of uniquely designed escape rooms. So if you come and do not escape, you have many more options to come back and play!

So as you figure out some summer plans, even if you are planning on going out of town, be sure to find a time to come to Urban Escape Games. You can book your trip here on our website or by phone! Be sure to bring all of your friends and family. Even if you have a large group, you can divide yourselves over multiple games and see which team can escape. Then come back later in the summer and swap rooms to see which team is better. You are sure to have an amazing time!