Teachers Enjoying Their Time OffThe summer is here, and that means school is out for a few months. Children of all ages are out and about in the sun looking for fun things to do. But summer vacation also means one other thing for teachers enjoying their time off. It is also a time to prepare for the next school year. And what better way to build your team of teachers up than to come play one of our real life escape rooms!

We feature four unique, challenging and fun games for you all to try. One of our main focuses is on team building and what being trapped in a room for an hour can do for you and your team. Solving puzzles together has a kind of effect like none other. We find all the teams who come to play with their coworkers, families or friends learn more and more about each other the more they play. People you may have known for years may show something about themselves while escaping the room you may have never known before!

It is also a great opportunity to get to know new people. New teachers to your school may find themselves meshing very well with the rest of their new coworkers as they attempt to solve our puzzles. Long running teachers enjoying their time off may discover something unique and fun about their new coworkers that will be helpful during the coming school year. It is all about teamwork in the end.

So be sure to gather your fellow teacher together to come play our escape rooms before the summer is over. We are accessible to a majority of the greater Atlanta area. Be sure to book your reservations online or give us a call as well! We cannot wait to see what schools come test their skills out before the new school year begins.