Conference Game

We Bring the Escape Game Experience to You

Urban Escape Games can bring the Escape Room experience to your event. We don’t charge for mileage if you are in the Atlanta area. Your team will be challenged to discover hidden clues and solve a series of puzzles that will require the team to work together, problem solve, communicate and stay organized. We can go to your office, hotel or other venue. Before coming to do the event we will have a site visit to ensure there is enough space based on the number of teams. Groups are usually 10 – 12 people teams and everyone is playing the same game, so competition amongst everyone adds to the fun.

The teams will need to make connection between the different items, strategize on how to solve the different puzzles all while using your 3 clues. Your team will have one hour to solve everything unless you desire to make the event shorter. We love technology and we can build out our games so much more here but we didn’t stop with nothing for our conference escape room. We have small technology pieces that are key to being solved. Plus in this game a cell phone comes in handy.

What your team will experience doing our on-site escape room is collaboration. The team will need to work together by communicating to solve everything, discuss the different problems and discover solutions and then implement their ideas. What is really key is tossing ideas aside that don’t work and focus on a new idea. This collaboration will grow your team and boost the moral to all new levels. Don’t worry, you have a game master just like when you are at Urban Escape Games, so you have that person to use your clues and help you keep on track and focused on the right things to be solved.

We constantly get awards from the community as being the #1 Corporate Team Building Event and we hear it all the time from our customers. Urban Escape Games brings the escape room experience to you and will set up all the props and decorations. We do all the set up and tear down and will work with the event planner to make sure the room is arranged correctly before we arrive.  Just know it will be a perfect event as we pride ourselves on everything being flawless and that your team have a blast. You can reach Urban Escape Games at 678-805-2189 or HERE to request more information and a Team Building Guide.