Virtual Gaming EscapeHave you ever played a tough virtual game on mobile or console? Here at Urban Escape Games, our escape rooms are designed to be challenging but not impossible. All four of our games here clock in around the same level of difficulty. We wouldn’t want a group divided between two games to have one in a harder room than the other.

The escape room concept was decided to be a fun unique way to test your mind. Even games you see on your mobile devices can challenge your brain in ways you would not have expected if you had not picked up your device and played the game. Imagine the virtual game experience of a point and click escape and/or puzzle game in a real, life like setting. That is the kind of concept we have designed here for our customers to play. Each room is also unique and differently themed as well! This means a lot of hard work goes into designing our games to make them the most fun they could be for the customer.

So, if you have found yourself playing an escape-like game on your electronic device, imagine what the experience would be in a real-life escape room. We hear our customers all the time describe how they learned new things about their friends, their family members they have known for years, and even something unique about themselves they had not known before. Working together in a not so average scenario is what causes these discoveries to come to light.

If this is the kind of experience that interests you, our escape rooms may be just what you need. Bring the family, friends, birthday party and more to see how everyone fares in our non virtual games. You never know what you may learn about each other!

So, make your booking at Urban Escape Games today! We are looking forward to seeing if you escape. Urban Escape Games at 678-805-2189 or HERE to request more information and a Team Building Guide.