Sunny summer beach2019 is already flying by and with the end of May and the start of June, comes the steadily brewing anticipation for the beginning of the summer season! School will be ending soon summer vacation time will be starting, and suddenly free time isn’t so hard to come by!

Summer vacation means a lot of things for a lot of people. Along with more free time, it means more time at home and time with family and friends, and it means finding new things to do in your home town together to make the most of your summer months. It also means finding ways to keep your mind busy without the constant stimulation of work and school at hand; and thankfully there is a way to combine them both! End of the school year means graduation parties and where else to celebrate and make a memorable time than Urban Escape Games.

We here at Urban Escape Games pride ourselves in offering a fun, mentally stimulating activity for you to try with your friends and family during your summer vacation at home. We invite you to give yourself the challenge of escaping from one of our rooms within an hour, and to see just how well you and your team can work together and under pressure! It’s a fun activity to add to your summer bucket list and a good way to interact with your family and friends in a team building setting! Just because you’re no longer in school, doesn’t mean your brain doesn’t need the good work out too, and doing hands on puzzles within the company of people you trust is definitely much more exciting than taking a test. Whether it’s for the challenging group game night or the relaxed afternoon squad outing, escape rooms are a great way beat down the boredom blues this summer vacation and have a good time without straying too far from home!

Take the chance to keep your brain busy in a fun way over your summer vacation, escape the heat and spend time with your friends and family in a new and unique way that may bring you all closer as a real team! Be sure to book your game at Urban Escape Games today!

Urban Escape Games at 678-805-2189 or HERE to request more information for your next celebration.