Earth's Mightiest Heroes

One of the most popular movie franchises is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Everyone loves to visit the movies and check out the Avengers and other Marvel superheroes on the big screen! Earth’s mightiest heroes may be able to tackle some problems by themselves, but in order to stop the biggest evils, they must work as a team!

Teamwork is an essential element to bring to our escape rooms. You need to form your own escape room hero squad. While you will have fun even if your team does not escape, working together as a team will most definitely boost your chances of escaping within the hour.

The Avengers have different types of team members. Captain America is the leader of the team, taking charge and helping keep the group organized. Your team helping you escape may find it useful to have  leader helping keep everyone on track throughout the hour. Thor is the brawn of the group. While nothing in our games will require you to have the strength of an Asgardian, having someone set to always been working on locks can help get certain puzzles solved quicker than usual!

Some would argue that Iron Man is the brains of the Avengers. Having various members of your team dividing and conquer in the mental challenge of solving our puzzles is a great idea. Which member will prove to be the brains of your team and lead the charge in puzzle solving?

So be sure to assemble your own team of Escape Room Heroes. We have four unique and challenging experiences that are sure to be fun for your entire group of family and friends. We are easily located from anywhere around Metro Atlanta. And maybe catch a film at the Avalon after your experience! We can’t wait to see which of the Avengers shows up to play our games! Unite to escape our games and book your reservation today!

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