building the best corporate teamUrban Escape Games always has a blast seeing which kind of teams will enter our games. Will they escape? Will they work together? Teamwork is the thing we encourage first and foremost. If a team can band together, listen to each other and try each other’s ideas, their chances of escaping will most definitely increase! It’s time to get to building the best corporate team!

Working together in a game like an escape room kind of feels like your team is playing with Legos. Legos come in all different kinds of uses and purpose. Teams will find that they are comprised of members who also have different purposes in the game. The note taker, the clue keeper, the organizer, these are different roles you can assume during the process of escaping one of our real-life escape games.

Legos can sometimes be hard to put together at first. Which piece goes where? Where does this belong? In a similar concept, sometimes team members will not discover what role they fall under until playing the game a little bit. Sometimes the one you thought was the clue keeper was better suited to take notes instead. Just like when you think you know where a Lego piece belongs, only to discover it belonged somewhere else in the end.

So, by the end of our games, you will almost definitely discover what role best suits you while playing the game. Sometimes you may be suited for multiple roles! You never know until you try. Just like an amazing Lego set, your team is sure to build itself up and find the perfect combination to boost your chances of escaping the room.

So, make your reservation at Urban Escape Games! We look forward to seeing what kind of teams come through our doors and what roles you all fulfill! Le-Go of your inhibitions and try our escape rooms today! Be sure to call us at 678-805-2189 or email us at for a time that works for you!