increase moraleTired of doing boring Outdoor Team Building Events that make your team walk in the hot sun or do a physically challenging task that your team doesn’t want to do. These don’t lend themselves to boosting morale rather complaining at the office. So come to Urban Escape Games and do a Corporate Team Building Event that everyone will enjoy and everyone will work together–it is one of the best ways to increase morale! We can accommodate any group size and can even come to you with our on-site escape game. All we do is Corporate Team Building during the week and our innovative and unique games will challenge your team to have a blast!

Going into our 5th year we have served thousands of corporate group as that is all we do Monday to Friday. One thing we do that is so unique is do a customized debrief on your team so you receive the feedback you desire. We have served groups from Fiserv, McKesson, Kimberly Clark, Coca-Cola, Cisco, Synchrony Financial, State Farm, LexisNexis, Home Depot, Chick-fil-A to name just a few. Companies travel from all over the Atlanta area as they love our games as they love the challenge and the divide and conquer that needs to exist so everyone has to work together to make it. What other team event requires everyone to assist to be successful. Other activities tend to rely on your physical abilities or athletic skills but not in our rooms it is all about the team working together.

Once everyone participates in our escape rooms they go back to the office and just talk and realize the talents everyone brought to the game. This will allow everyone to really boost their morale whether they escape or not. You can reach Urban Escape Games at 678-805-2189 or HERE to request more information and a Team Building Guide.  Just don’t do the same boring thing like bowling or golf, get your team out talking about how everyone had to contribute.