Here at Urban Escape Games, we love it when you bring your friends and family to compete to escape our rooms. One thing we have discovered is that every team is different. Each team is unique and made up of various different types of players. That said, there are certain types of players we see all the time come to escape our games. And now, we will take the time to explain these types of players to you using the cast of the popular situational comedy, FRIENDS.

Teams will often have a “Joey”, one in support of the team spirit and the “we can do this” attitude. It takes a Joey player to keep their team pumped and motivated throughout the hour. The teams will often have a “Ross” as well. The Ross player is often the “puzzle guy”, discovering puzzles and wanting to help lead the charge to solve them. The “Chandler” is a unique player in the games. That player often is the jokester who will often winds up giving the team the correct answer to the puzzle accidentally with his humor.

Next up is the “Monica” player. This player is often keeping the team organized and on track, a valuable type of player to have. The “Rachel” character is often paired with the “Monica” character, helping them maintain order along the way. Lastly is the “Phoebe” player. This is the kind of player who figures out clues and puzzles randomly, seemingly on accident. These moments often leave the team with their jaws dropped, but the Phoebe player feeling like a genius!

So come play at Urban Escape Games and figure out which FRIENDS character you are! You and your team will have fun trying to escape and figuring out which role in your team each of you fits. We cannot wait to see what happens! Call Urban Escape Games at 678-805-2189 or email us at to find out more about our games and how we can host your event.