Birthdays are always a special event for not only the one celebrating their birthday, but also for the friends and family of said person. We here at Urban Escape Games specialize in throwing the best birthday parties for a vast age range! So if your birthday (or your friend’s or family member’s birthday) is coming up, why not book them a game in our popular, challenging and fun escape rooms!

Let us take a moment to talk about why Urban Escape Games is a prime spot for all your birthday party needs. We offer a unique and fun bonding experience that is perfect for your birthday team to play. You will have to work together and in doing so will have a ton of laughs at who solves what puzzles and who comes up with which ideas work and which ones do not. No one will have an advantage.

If your birthday party is a large group, do not worry! We can work it out to split the group amongst several of our games starting at the same time. This really gets fun as teams will compete to see who escapes with the best time or who escapes at all! We also have a double escape room experience. This means once you have played a game for the first hour, escape or not, you will then get the chance to play a second game right afterwards! We even offer snacks and drinks in between games so your brains have a moment to breathe.

So be sure to come out to Urban Escape Games to celebrate any upcoming birthdays. We have had plenty of pleased birthday customers come through our doors, and they have come back multiple times to play for future birthdays as well! We are located in Alpharetta shortly off 400 making us accessible from various cities around Atlanta. So if you live in Cumming, Milton, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Roswell, Woodstock, Marietta, Atlanta or Sandy Springs then book your birthday celebration at Urban Escape Games where everyone will have a blast! We look forward to celebrating your birthdays with us soon!


Call Urban Escape Games at 678-805-2189 or email us at to find out more about our games and how we can host your event.