team building

In part 1 we discussed in detail the first three points in regards to team building

  1. Picking a safe location
  2. Do they design their own games
  3. Technology exist in the games


  1. Find out how the clues are administered. This will tell you a lot about the company and if they have technology. Most places have people yell or wave their hands to get a clue or use walkie talkies. Go to a place that has a real phone system as this adds to the Team Building experience. At work you have selective resources and need to determine when and how to use them and then communicate it to the rest of the team. This will occur with a phone system for clues or you lose this experience in the games.


  1. Ask if they have other locations? If they are a franchise or have several locations it is likely that someone on your team has played their games and you never want to play a game a second time. You want this to be an amazing experience for everyone on the team.


  1. Do they use game masters or tablets? Don’t go to a place that uses tablets or you will miss the Team Building Experience that you desire. A tablet make it non-personal and your team could get frustrated after they use their clues and there is no one to hint them or encourage them. Ask about the Game Masters and their role. Most game masters walk in the room and answer some questions and then tell them to leave and take pictures. What questions can you ask to ensure your receiving the Team Building Event:


  1. What is the role of your game master’s? Is it to be a team coach and are they trained for their position to do team building debriefs.
  2. Does your game master just show the end of the game and that is all?
  3. Are the game master’s adults or high school kids? Make sure they are adults who are trained to discuss team dynamics so your group receives a custom de-brief at the end.


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