We here at Urban Escape Games know that not every spring break can be an elaborate beach vacation or a sightseeing expedition. Sometimes for whatever reason, you just need a staycation right in your home town, which is a good way to relax and step away from any outside stresses in life. And while some time at home may be calming and the best way to catch up on sleep, it can easily get difficult to find things to do to pass the time.


At-home boredom is usually the best time to turn to outings in your area, and to reach out to friends and family for some good old fashioned group fun! Staycations are a great way to spend time with people you care about, but of course entertaining a large group of people can be difficult. And there is always the fear that you’ve burned through all the fun things you can do in your area. But did you know that there is a gem of fun you can visit right in Alpharetta Georgia? It’s called Urban Escape Games!


Urban Escape Games offers escape rooms that are a great solution to that at-home boredom and are a fun activity you can do with your whole group, as they require active thinking and teamwork to complete! So if you are doing a staycation in Cumming, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Woodstock, Sandy Springs or anywhere else in Atlanta then get your group to Urban Escape Games for the activity that will be the highlight of your spring break.


If you’ve never done an escape room before, now is the perfect time to give it a try! Or if you have it’s a great time to try another one, as your group will have so much fun and have a lot to talk about. We here at Urban Escape Games pride our rooms being fun and a great way to bolster teamwork and build relationships! We’re a great group outing right in the Alpharetta area, and we’d love to make your staycation that much more memorable and enjoyable! Be sure to call us at 678-805-2189 or click here for a time that works for you!