We just recently had our Grand Opening for our newest experience, Inventor’s Dilemma.  We wanted to share some of the game’s story with you here. Your group has been invited to visit World Class Inventor, Doc Scott’s workshop for a demonstration of his newest creation. Unfortunately, something seems to have gone wrong. Now you’ll need to work together to find out how to override Doc’s Time Travel Device and rescue him from being lost forever between the fabric of space-time. Can your team solve puzzles, work together, and save Doc before it’s too late? Book soon to be one of the first to try to escape!

As always, our games are all designed and built in-house by our design team. They’ve worked many hours programming, decorating, painting, designing, and testing to bring our customers a one-of-a-kind experience that is exciting and fun for everyone. This game has been over a year in development and we are excited to finally bring it to our customers. This is the sixth game we have designed, and we are looking forward to bringing more to you in the future. Our focus is always on fun, challenging, and memorable experiences where communication and teamwork are the real keys to success.

We hope this information has gotten you excited to come experience our escape rooms. We have three other themes that are all equally challenging, all with unique puzzles and designs, and all a fun experience for everyone. As spring is beginning, we can’t wait for you to try out your puzzle-solving skills at Urban Escape Games. Give us a call at 678-805-2189 to speak with one of our event specialists for more information or click the Book Now tab on our site to see what times are available. Can you escape in time?