We have a lot of different customers come though our doors here at Urban Escape Games. From actors, to consultants, to athletes and more. Various different players with varying occupations come to test their skills in our escape rooms. One particular group we get often is teachers. Teachers can sometimes bring their students to play our games of various different grade levels. Sometimes we will get groups of teachers alone to come play our games. Whether school is about to start, and the teachers want to do some team bonding, or school has just ended, and the teachers want to celebrate a successful school year, teachers always love playing our games and have a blast doing so. Teacher workdays are another great day for teachers to get a break from give them a great treat of Team Bonding away from the school.

Educators in particular tend to excel in our games. There are a few reasons why that might be. For one, listening to each other is very important when it comes to escape games. You have to work as a team in order to boost your chances of escape, and teachers are always very engaged with their students during the day which helps boost their engagement with each other when they play our games. They also are great leaders. Sometimes a singular leader with take charge in the game, but with teachers we see leadership appear across all members of the team at different times. This helps because everyone isn’t always relying on a single person in order to keep their team organized and keep them on track to escape the room in time.

Educators across all grade levels have an amazing time playing in our escape rooms. If you are a teacher located near Alpharetta (Fulton Schools, Cobb Schools, Atlanta Schools, Gwinnett Schools, Forsyth Schools, DeKalb Schools or a private school), we would love to have you come test your skills in our games. Bring you fellow school staff with you, or you can even plan a time to bring your students! We look forward to having you and seeing if you can escape in time!