When hiring staff managers tend to focus on the skill set for the team and seldom think about the team members working effectively. This is where the manager then needs to open the lines of communication and offer experiences to unite the team. These experiences need to assist in helping team members’ see the strengths and skills in each other.

Having regular Team Building experiences is critical to team members learning about each other which is better displayed outside the office. Plato said it the best “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”. Read our 2 part blog on selecting your Escape Room for Team Building.

Here at Urban Escape Games we are all about Team Building

  1. Teamwork is required to make an escape. Successful team strategies must be used like communication, strategy, use of resources, critical thinking, creativity and divide and conquer.
  2. Time limit puts the pressure on the team to work effectively while time is dwindling away. Each player will react differently to this especially if they get to 5 minutes left on the clock. Then at every minute mark the clock makes a ding sound alerting players that time is slowly running out. This is great for corporate teams, because they have time limits on projects and sometimes it comes down to the wire. Also, with the time limit you will see the different personalities of people come out. This may be a side you don’t see of the person in the office setting.
  3. Disc and color wheel are used sometimes before playing and people constantly tell us that they learned more through the game experience than taking a test. What really happens is they see the personalities come out in the game. During the debrief we talk about how the team did, but the real discussion occurs when the team starts talking about the different strategies they used. Teams will carry out the discussion after they leave which adds to the experience. Team relationship develops even stronger at the office as a result as different working styles are recognized.
  4. The experience is made to be fun and challenging and an experience where you don’t have a physical advantage like playing a sport. Plus, going to laser tag, bowling or golf doesn’t lend itself to everyone contributing and gives some people an unfair advantage.


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