Urban Escape Games beats every competitor by training their workers to deliver awesome customer service. Picking an escape room can be a difficult choice with so many places popping up. Just know that the Game Master or team coach is critical to delivering an awesome experience. The difference at Urban Escape Games is the training.

Every Game Master has weeks of training before they ever game master a game. Why, because the customer experience matters at Urban Escape Games! From the minute you walk in the door at Urban Escape Games we welcome you, because we are excited that you’re here to experience one of our escape games. We take great pride in our games and want people to come and experience them.

So we want that enthusiasm to continue when we show you a fun video about playing our games. Why not get you laughing and having fun while your group relaxes and laughs at a video about how to play our games. Yes, we having seating for large groups so don’t worry about everyone getting to relax and sit down prior to their game. Our lobby person will also give you some tips all with a smile on his or her face.

Once in the game your Game Master will be coaching you along to get your group laughing and enjoying playing our games. There will be cool technology so you can have some surprise moments. At the end your Game Master will show you the end if you didn’t make it and talk about the group and how you progressed through the game. There are always lots of laughter! Groups will share their surprise moments from teammates figuring out puzzles to their strategies.

At the end the Game Master will take you to one of our two photo booths and snap a few pictures of your team. We have props that you can take from the room, because we want this to be a memorable moment. Other places use silly signs but what is an experience if you can’t take a photo with some of the items you just used. During the photo time teams will laugh even more as they come up with different poses for their photos. Afterwards they text or email their pictures instantly, as we don’t want you to have any delays. Plus, we never post pictures to social media then make you go get them, as what fun is that. Plus, we understand that most people today rather not have their pictures on social media.


On your way out we will have several staff members seeing you off and wishing you the best. Why, because your experience needs to be awesome! From the time you arrive till the time you leave we want to create a memorable time.


Book Your Memorable Event at Urban Escape Games – 678-805-2189 or go to www.UrbanEscapeGames.com