The New Year is upon us and we are all settling in. The collard greens and black-eyed peas have been eaten, we are still trying to remember to write ‘2019’ on our documents, and school and work are back in session. Its cold and dreary outside, and Summer vacation seems so far away. The Winter is a time where instead of going outdoors, you stay inside and spend time with family or friends. There are some great at home activities you can do with your friends and family. Some of our staff get together and have board game nights where they learn to play a couple of new games. Our staff also frequently enjoys playing video games together, particularly ones where you need to work as a team! Watching a movie or playing games as a family or with friends while bundled under a big blanket is a great way to escape the cold weather. Sometimes, however, you still want to go out and have an adventure.

Don’t feel like you’re stuck in the house or the office until the sun comes out! We have the perfect cold weather activity just for you. Escape the cold and bring your family or friends to Urban Escape Games. Our heating works, and you’ll warm up quickly in one of our four challenging themed rooms. You’ll have an amazing time working together and solving puzzles while making your attempt to escape. You’ll be warming up your brain and creating lasting memories while having a great time. We are open to for public hours on Friday evenings and Saturdays, so check out the time slots available on our website.

To make a reservation with Urban Escape Games go to our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189 or 844-ESC-GAME.