Teamwork is something that we strive to create for our groups here at Urban Escape Games. It is a very useful tool to helping groups escape, as opposed to everyone working individually to try to solve puzzles. This holiday season is the perfect time for your friends and family to gather together to work on their team building skills. Celebrate Christmas with an Escape Game!

As we all know, during the holidays Santa’s team of elves are hard at work to get all of the Christmas presents ready for Christmas Day. In order to accomplish all of this, the elves have to work together or there is no way all of the gifts will be ready in time. Similar to how the elves work together, our teams must come together. Both groups are set on a deadline as well. But while elves have a whole year to accomplish their task, our escape teams only have an hour to escape. Therefore, some of your team skills should include organization and speed in order to escape. There are plenty of other skills you can bring to the table in order to help boost your chances to escape. What do you think these skills might be? We would love to hear your thoughts and examples.

Discover how well you and your family and friends work as a team this holiday season at Urban Escape Games! We would love to hear about how your holidays are going and how you worked as a team. We are located in Alpharetta so we are a convenient drive from anywhere in the Atlanta area. With all the fun you’re sure to have, we would love for you to come back and see us more than once this holiday season as well! The games are booking quick so be sure to make your reservation online or by phone today!