Hello. I’m Mister Magic. The most famous magician in Georgia. And I am writing this today to inform you all of some bittersweet news. I am announcing my retirement from the magic world. After all these years, many of you have visited The Magician’s Room at Urban Escape Games to try and become my personal assistants. While we have loved seeing your reactions to the game, it is nearing time for it to come to a close. Some of you may know, The Magician’s Room was the first game built at Urban Escape Games, making it the first escape room in Georgia. But all great things must eventually come to an end. So as an act of my final days as a magician, I will make The Magician’s Room disappear. However, not all the news is sad. For a new game is on the rise. While the theme will be different from my creation, it is sure to offer just as many, if not more, thrills than my game has over the years. The design team at Urban Escape Games are keeping the theme pretty under wraps. They won’t even share the details with me! All of this has me very excited, and you should be too!

So to all my assistants who successfully escaped my room, and to all of you who almost escaped in time, I hope you had an amazing experience in my room. A lot of love goes into all the games at Urban Escape Games, and The Magician’s Room being their first has a big place in their hearts. So let’s send off The Magician’s Room in style! While I cannot disclose the day I will make the room disappear, I can say the time is coming quick. This holiday season is a perfect time to bring your friends and family and experience my game before it’s gone for good.

Farewell. And good luck.

-Mister Magic