At Urban Escape Games, we are proud to bring our customers games that are immersive and exciting. Our games are all created by our in-house design team and they work hard to bring your teams challenging puzzles that fit an interesting theme, and promote positive communication. Our games have custom built and modified furniture pieces, puzzles that are crafted to fit the theme of the game, and immersive programmed technology.

Our goal when designing our escape room experiences is to promote teamwork and communication through a challenging series of puzzles. Our puzzles are designed to put everyone on a fairly level playing field and to promote discussion and outside-the-box thinking. We love hearing our customers have that ‘A-HA’ moment and then explain their thought process to the rest of their team. Seeing the teams work together to overcome an obstacle or achieve a goal is always a very exciting event.

We have designed five unique games that can be played at our brick and mortar location, as well as an Event Escape Game we can take onsite for larger groups. We are proud to announce that we have been working on our seventh overall game and will be bringing it to our location early 2019. We will be replacing our first game The Magician’s Room. If you haven’t had a chance to play it, you’ll want to get in quickly! Our design team has been working hard fabricating, designing, programming, and testing out new ideas to continue our goal of having unique puzzles in all our rooms. We hope you’ll follow us on social media for updates on our new game and can’t wait to hear your thoughts when you bring your team!

We are open Monday-Friday for corporate team building and other groups by appointment only. We are open to the public on Friday evening and Saturday so just go to our website and book your group. If you need to book your corporate event on the weekend or large group then just give us a call at 678-805-2189 or email us at and we would love to help you make a reservation.

We are very excited to have you experience our Escape Rooms!