We are proud to be the only escape game company in Georgia that focuses on corporate team building. Because we strive to help teams grow professionally, it was only natural that we create an experience that accommodates large groups at events and conferences to increase the impact of team building for our clients.

Our flexible Event Escape Game is location independent and can be played simultaneously by hundreds of participants at the same time. Our game accommodates your space- we don’t build any walls or permanently install anything on-site. The game is not about physically escaping a room, rather solving challenging puzzles as a team within a set time limit. This concept is proven to bring teams together and improve communication.

Additionally, we have total creative control over the challenges, technology, and gameplay. Our team at Urban Escape Games is capable of tailoring the event to highlight your specific conference goals.

Our games encompass three main pillars: Engagement, Insight, and Friendly Competition. The combination of these elements provides a unique and unrivaled experience that promises to take your clients’ or corporations’ team building events to the next level.

Our Event Escape Room Game will naturally let teams self-select into smaller groups as dividing and conquering is critical. There are multiple objectives so non-linear game play is important so no one is sitting on the sidelines! Insight into creative solutions require out-of-the-box thinking, often by trial and error. Interaction amongst team members to discuss these different solutions is important to making an escape. We make all of our games to not involve any physically challenging activity as we want it to be about the team working together and being on the same level playing-field. Lastly, sessions happen simultaneously, so teams feel the pressure to escape before other groups.

So contact Urban Escape Games at 678-805-2189 or email ask@UrbanEscapeGames.com  to book your Event Escape Game! Just know everyone will have a blast and talk about it for a long time.