escape game birthdayWant to go someplace different for your birthday where everyone will have a blast? Tired of the same places to go that requires you have a skill in the sport? Well look no further than Urban Escape Games. Here your group can choose which immersive adventure to try and all of them are equally challenging. The Design Team at Urban Escape Games makes sure that you have to work together, which only adds to the bonding experience. This is so different than any other activity where you are either having to play against everyone else or form smaller teams. Here in our escape rooms you are one team.

So now that this sounds like the epic birthday celebration, you are probably wondering will you be the hero to your friends and/or family? Yes, and our custom rooms will enhance the experience and afterwards everyone will be laughing and talking. The technology surprises along the way always get everyone talking about it for a long time. Everyone will see the skillset of each other play out in our escape rooms. In the end it will bring everyone closer and give you something to talk and remember for a very long time.

What we see happen is someone comes and does their birthday celebration at Urban Escape Games and everyone is pumped about the experience that they are back for the next birthday celebration. So whether they completed the mission of the game and escaped, or not, they just love the adventure of trying. So make some memories with your friends and see if you have what it takes to steal the Priscilla diamond in our Jewel Heist game, be an apprentice to Mr. Magic, escape the CDC Lockdown or take Vinny and his gang down before he gets out of jail.

To book your EPIC BIRTHDAY ADVENTURE call Urban Escape Games at 678-805-2189 or email us at .