It’s hard not to love the Thanksgiving holiday season! The food, the family, the football— it has everything to make it a good holiday! But I think most people can agree that at some point, they just want to escape. This is why an Escape Game at Thanksgiving is perfect!

Maybe you’ve had your fill of turkey and talking, maybe you need a little fresh air away from politics and potato salad, and thankfully there is usually only Aunt Marge and a, barrage of kisses standing in your way of freedom.

Escape rooms aren’t nearly so easy, but sometimes fighting for that successful escape makes it more worthwhile! In fact, what’s great about escape rooms is that you don’t have to go through them alone. In fact, you shouldn’t!

Family and friends of all kinds, young and old, generation to generation know just how important team work is when you need it most, and they are the ones you can best rely on when it comes to making a group effort to achieve a common goal. You may learn a few new things about them along the way that you never noticed before! Maybe Aunt Marge is surprisingly good at logic puzzles! Maybe Uncle Phil is more of an out of the box thinker than you thought! Every group of family and friends has a secret, untold dynamic that maybe you’ve yet to discover for yourself. It’s what makes every family that much more unique!

The possibilities of what you are able to accomplish with the help of those you are most thankful for could be endless!

But you’ll never know unless you try! So, maybe consider making that daring escape as a team this year and spend your thanksgiving holiday with family and a little extra fun! Book today at ‪Urban Escape Games!