If you’ve ever seen a spy movie, you know all about cool gadgets and gizmos that every secret agent needs to make their mission that much more exciting. Everything from your steel cutting lasers to your stealthy poison darts, no spy film would be complete without them. But my favorite kind of gadgets by far are always the ones that are hidden in plain sight. A gadget that isn’t what is seems to be are the ones you’ll always remember. And features like these are what make escape games especially fun too!


Nothing challenges the mind more than playing with reality, or what you think you know. You have to be willing to keep your eyes open and be willing to test and look for the seemingly impossible in order to get through a puzzle. And you can’t be afraid of being wrong or making dumb suggestions, because if a shoe phone can exist then what says that a cane key can’t? 


The old get smart shows were especially good at making creative and fun gadgets that always made the show memorable and timeless. Of course, half of it was for comedic fun, and there is nothing wrong with that. And the creativity behind them was always amazing! The gadgets could be anything from a phone disguised as a make-up compact, a pen that shoots mini-missals, or something as ridiculous as invisible icing.  


Creativity like that goes into every step of designing an escape game too. We want to be just as memorable and fun as a good spy film, and have people leaving with the impression that the props and gadgets were just as cool as the puzzles they solved in their escape. 


Make sure to book today to test your spy skills to the fullest and make sure to keep your eyes open, because not everything is at it appears.