Are you a ‘gamer’? Have you been hunting for the Victory Royale in Fortnite or are you already working on being the best at Black Ops Four’s Blackout? Maybe you like the more calming aspects of gaming and you’re a Stardew Valley or Minecraft player. Most of our staff are gamers and often play different ones together outside of office hours. They enjoy all types of games and really the best part about online gaming for them is getting to communicate effectively and work together towards a common goal. We often find those who play video games are quite good at translating that into doing well in our escape rooms. Gamers are constantly trying to think one step ahead and see how each tool that they’ve collected will be useful to them.


We want to encourage those who play video games to come try out one of our escape rooms. It is such a different environment and you view things a little differently when you can pick things up and investigate all sides of them. Put your Zelda puzzle-solving skills to the test and try one of our four themed rooms. Bring your other gaming friends and see if all the commands and tactics you’ve been issuing out through a headset have made you a better communicator. Communication is just as key in our games as it is when playing a multiplayer version. Isn’t it always frustrating to be playing a team game like Overwatch and no one on your team has a microphone? You need to be able to communicate, make callouts, and tell enemy team positions to be successful. In our games, you’ll need to communicate what you’re finding as you go throughout your time. You never know, someone in the room may need the exact thing you’ve found!