rock climbing teamwork


Recently, our staff heard someone compare rock climbing to puzzle solving. While none of our games here have any physical challenges or limitations, we thought it was a great comparison! Many people climb as a strenuous exercise activity and enjoy getting a full body workout. Others may do it just for the challenge of traversing tricky and dangerous terrain. Here at Urban Escape Games, we are more about the mental workout. We understand the thrill of not knowing where you might find the next hand or foothold, and we think that excitement translates well to our Escape Games. When your team is in one of our immersive rooms, you never know what will come next. You will need to be attentive and use great communication to power through and escape within the hour. There may be multiple different things going on in the room at any moment, but you’ll want to trust your teammates and keep focused on your goal.

So next time you’re looking to bypass the physical challenge and go for the mental instead, come try out Urban Escape Games. Be ready for an intense Escape Game scenario that will be fun for everyone involved. Also, it is a good time to start planning holiday parties/end of the year parties for companies, church small groups/events, and families or friends. Urban Escape Games is the perfect place to host your holiday party or end of the year party. Instead of just going to dinner this year or having a house party, plan to exceed everyone’s expectations and come and try to escape our rooms at Urban Escape Games! Fall and Winter weather is almost here so this may be the perfect indoor activity as an alternative to the harsh outdoor breeze. Escape the cold weather and come play at Urban Escape Games this fall and winter season!