escape game presentTrying to find the perfect gift for your family? We at Urban Escape Games have the perfect option for you. We offer gift certificates to our real life escape rooms that the entire family can enjoy. We would love to see what kind of team you can form to bring to our escape game experience. An Escape Game present is perfect for anyone!

We also encourage an interesting means for you to both help prepare for your escape experience and get your creative mind flowing. Instead of just giving your family the certificate for the escape experience, why not create your own mini puzzle experience to get them to find the certificate!

You can set up multiple clues around the house and see if your family can find the certificate in time. Think of a riddle or two to get their creative minds going and get them excited for the escape room experience, without them even knowing that’s what they are preparing for!

After having set up the mini escape/puzzle experience, reveal to the family what exactly it is they have found and are going to be doing. With all the puzzle solving experience they are sure to be excited to see what’s in store at Urban Escape Games. Have them pick a theme to their liking. All of our games are around the same difficulty the same amount of excitement and fun! We have four different themes to choose from.

So feel free to check us out and gift your family one of our gift certificates. Or, come try out a game first and when you see how much fun you’ll have, you can get a gift certificate for your second experience. So come test your team skills today at Urban Escape Games. We can’t wait for you to come see if you can escape the room in time!