spider-man and escape gamesIn this day and age, superheroes are a big part of our pop culture lives. Heroes like Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, they all have become so integrated into our culture that members of any generation know their names. If you read comic books or seeing superhero movies, then you know that heroes have a lot of pressure when it comes to their line of work. Well there is a little bit of pressure too when it comes to escaping our real life escape rooms. Bet you didn’t know that Spider-man and escape games had something in common, did you?

Here at Urban Escape Games, you have one hour to solve the room’s puzzles, crack the codes and investigate everything. All of this can lead to some pressure for some teams as they try to escape the room. So what can we learn from how superheroes handle situations when they are under pressure?

Well let’s look at Spider-Man as an example. From his comic books and movies we have seen plenty of scenarios in which Spider-Man is placed under a lot of pressure to save lives and protect New York City. How does he do it? Well first and foremost, he tries not to panic. As the clock gets closer to zero, a team may start to panic that they are running out of time. Just breathe and try and continue to focus on the puzzles! The games are about having fun!

Spider-Man is also very smart and observant of situations he is in. As you play through the escape room, be sure to observe and investigate everything around you. You never know what is and is not a potential clue or puzzle!

So follow the behavior of everyone’s favorite web slinger! Be the hero of your own game and come play at Urban Escape Games today! You can book your reservation by phone or online! You’re sure to have an amazing time!