Summer is over and the fall season is about to begin. And you all know what that means! It means time to get back into the spirit of football! And while we celebrate our favorite teams playing, you can also celebrate your favorite escape room teams as well!

People love football partially because it’s a fun opportunity of competition. They are free to cheer for their favorite team in hopes for a victory. And when they do win, it’s a great feeling. The experience of an escape in our rooms is quite similar. When you work together and root for your escape team, your chances of escaping definitely go up, and you can all celebrate in your victory together. Not unlike when your favorite NFL or college team wins.

Sometimes family will travel into town in order to see their favorite teams play. Got family in town and not much to do around the time for the game? Our real life escape rooms are perfect experiences for the whole family. You can even divide your family into teams and tackle multiple escape rooms together to see which teams can escape. It’ll be like your own competition outside of the Football game you’re all going to see!

There’s also plenty to do around our escape rooms before or after you come to play. You can go visit downtown Roswell. Or go visit the Avalon shopping center nearby for plenty of food and shopping opportunities. Feel free to ask us during your visit and we would be happy to provide you with our suggestions for where to go hang out after our games!

We hope your team does well this season! Both your football team and your escape team. Make your bookings for you and your family today! We are looking forward to cheering you on as you attempt to escape the room in time!