So Labor Day weekend is coming up soon. That means it’s time to start making plans with the family! We are open to the public on the Friday and Saturday leading into Labor Day! If you have plans for your family coming into town, it may be time to get the team together for an escape room! Figure out which members of the family you want on which teams. Decide who will be the group leaders. Who will be in charge of keeping the clues? These are some helpful things to decide on before coming to play at our escape games.

Accessible from metro Atlanta, Urban Escape Games has four escape room experiences for your team to try. All of our games are family friendly and each one has a similar escape rate, because our design team makes them equally challenging. In case you want to bring a large group that would require teams to split into two or more teams, you wouldn’t want one team to experience a harder room than the other!

Not planning on having a lot of people come into town? That’s ok too so gather up your friends then this Labor Day Weekend! Because even a smaller group is more than welcome to come play our games. It’s sure to be a fun experience no matter what the size of the team you bring.

Our four escape themes are the Jewel Heist game, the CDC Lockdown, the FBI Mafia Investigation and the Magician’s Room. If you’re really light on plans you can come visit us more than once during Labor Day weekend! Try your best in our real life escape rooms more than once and we are conveniently located in Alpharetta!

We hope to see you soon at Urban Escape Games. Labor Day is coming up soon, so you and your teams will want to make your booking as soon as possible! Bookings are available online at our website or you can give us a call! We are very much looking forward to seeing if you escape the room in time!