So, you’ve found yourself about to tackle an escape room. Perhaps a friend of yours has booked a room for you and your friends. Maybe you’ve booked the escape game but aren’t too familiar with what you need to do to prepare. Well you’re in luck because Urban Escape Games is here to help!

We are here to give you some advice for how to prepare for your escape room experience! You’re sure to have a great time, so let’s dive into some steps to getting ready. The first thing you want to do is assemble your team. We find that the sweet spot lies in teams of about 6-8 but form whatever size you need! Our rooms do have limits so feel free to bring multiple teams to tackle multiple rooms and see who can escape!

Another helpful thing to do would be to preplan who will be playing certain roles in the game. Will you have a notetaker? A cluekeeper? Somebody to try multiple codes? Having specific parts of the team preassigned can be helpful so that once the hour begins, your team can dive right in.

Another way to prep would be to try and design your own puzzle experience for your team to play! Having your team try different kinds of puzzles can get them in the right mindset to come to our real life escape games and try their luck in those. Feel free to create whatever theme you want! Anything to help get the creative minds going is helpful!

Hopefully these pieces of advice have been helpful. Another way to prepare is to simply come try one yourself! See how you fare in our games and you will know how to prepare for next time! We can’t wait to meet you and your team soon!