2018 FIFA World Cup

It’s summer and the World Cup is in full swing! This incredible sporting event is loved around the entire globe and is a wonderful opportunity to see different nations come together and experience teamwork and fun times! As we root for our favorite teams as they compete, we at Urban Escape Games can’t help but notice the amount of teamwork required for the various teams to have a chance at a goal!

Teamwork is something we believe is very important to have during our real life escape rooms in order to increase the odds of escape. So while our escape games may not take as much physical prowess as the World Cup competitors, the teamwork involved is still comparable.

Communication is something we believe is key for teams to have during their experience here. Communication is also important to the soccer players competing during the World Cup. While a lot of their communicating revolves around eye contact, the act is still very important in order to get the ball around where it needs to go. Here communication is important when someone discovers a clue, for instance. If no one knew a clue was found, then the team may take longer to solve a puzzle.

Teams in the World Cup also have different positions they play, or in our case different roles they play. Soccer has the positions of goalkeeper, forward, and midfielder for example. In our rooms, we see roles of leader (who may assign other roles), note taker, clue keeper, or even someone to try potential lock combinations. It’s interesting to see how roles in both soccer and our escape room teams can be similar.

So if you want to test your teamwork out this summer, we would love to have you come play at Urban Escape Games! Come see if you can work together like the pros do who are currently competing to win it all in the World Cup!