Recently hired a group of interns for your business? They are a great bunch, but could use a little “ice breaking” between them? Well Urban Escape Games and our escape rooms is just the place for you to bring your intern groups! We feature real life escape room experiences that promote team building and collaboration. We have seen a ton of intern groups come play our games, and they have really come out of their shells during the experience.

As mentioned, in order to increase your chances of escaping the room, you will need to work together. Usually, the group of interns are pretty new with each other and probably haven’t learned to much about how each individual works within a group setting. Teams here really can get communicative about their findings and ideas and show a side of themselves others never even knew was there!

Sometimes we find teams develop certain roles within the group. It is interesting to see what members of the team do in order to divide those roles up. Sometimes there is a group leader, a notetaker, a clue keeper, and lots more. Each of these roles really shows a unique side of the player who has stepped up to the role, and it is fascinating to see who steps up to each role in particular.

The other half would be the team working together. While they technically are working together throughout the whole experience, groups may find certain times when a puzzle would be more efficiently solved by having all hands on deck. This provides a situation in which you can see how well the interns work together in order to accomplish a goal.

Our escape rooms have proven to be a wonderful, fun experience for intern groups who come to play. While they learn new things about each other and even themselves, it is a great chance for others in the company to see how well the group works together and what specific roles each intern brings to the table.