Here at Urban Escape Games, we strive to make our Escape Rooms fun, unique, interesting and challenging with a focus on team building. In our rooms, you will only have one hour to find the correct code to “unlock” the room and escape. In order to solve the puzzles and challenges of the room, you will have to work together! It’s not that our puzzles are too challenging to solve by yourself. However, you only have an hour to escape! It will be helpful to keep working together in order to solve the puzzles in the quickest and most effective way. There are a lot of common roles in escape rooms.

When working as a team it may be helpful to select certain roles for certain players. While working together is necessary, perhaps having someone acting as a leader role could be helpful. Someone as a leader can help keep track of what puzzles are being solved and even help splitting up tasks amongst the group.

Another helpful role is the notetaker. You will be given some tools to help take notes during the game. As there are multiple puzzles and challenges to solve, having a notetaker is very beneficial in keeping track of what every teammate is solving around the room.

A final helpful member of the team would be someone to take clues from the Game Master. Each team has three times they can call for clues for help during their game. The call is made on a red phone in each game. Having one person to focus on receiving clue information and reporting back to the team can be helpful so information stays consistent.

So whether you have a team from the Atlanta, Alpharetta, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Marietta, Woodstock, Johns Creek area and more, we would love for you to gather your team together and test out your skills at Urban Escape Games! We hope to see you soon!