avalon green

Located in Alpharetta, Urban Escape Games is within ten minutes of the local Georgia hotspot, The Avalon. With tons of restaurants, shops, a movie theatre and a new hotel, there is a lot to do at The Avalon. Recently we have seen a ton of teams come visit us after they have spent their time there! Playing in a real life escape room, teams will have an hour to solve puzzles and crack codes in order to escape the room! So go to Avalon for dinner but come to us for the fun games!

As mentioned, The Avalon has a ton to offer for a day out on the town. They also have a large conference center that can accommodate large groups and our Event Escape Game – Race to Escape can easily accommodate hundreds or smaller teams and all groups love doing our on-site escape game as we go to various hotels. Our escape game is great for conferences and we can do hundreds of people all at once, or shifts pending what you need, just know everyone will have a blast. Teams are much larger when we come on-site with our escape game and range from 12 – 17 players per team. Just know team building is still at the center of this game, just like they are when you come here. Everyone will need to work together to escape and in the process see what special skills they bring to the team as they all work together to escape.

With such a large conference center, The Avalon Hotel, can host hundreds of visitors, all looking for a fun activity near Avalon. Our escape rooms are so close to Avalon we end up hosting corporate teams and friends and families come here as well. Here at Urban Escape Games we offer four unique team building experiences and games.

Whether you’re in Alpharetta, Roswell, Atlanta, Kennesaw, Woodstock, Marietta, Johns Creek and more, The Avalon is a fun and popular place to visit but for an awesome time come experience our escape rooms!