Come to Urban Escape Games this summer! As summer approaches, a lot of customers are getting interested in booking here at Urban Escape Games! We can’t wait for the rush of customers wanting to test their skills here at our escape rooms. Sometimes we have customers come in and ask what they can do to boost their chances in escaping. Well, we are here to tell you some of our biggest tips to teams to help boost their chances at escaping.

Our first tip to a team would be to use their clues. Our games are a challenging, but don’t worry you will have a blast in our escape rooms.  We have yet to have a team escape without using clues. They were designed to be used in the games and act as speed boosters to get you through the hour you have to escape the room. Be sure to utilize your clues if you or feeling stumped or need to boost yourself through the game!

Our second tip would be to try ideas. A lot of times we see teammates get an idea and never actually try it out. Later on, someone may try the same idea and realize it worked. If the idea had been tried earlier, some time may have been saved! It never hurts to try ideas and there is no such thing as a bad idea! If you have a hunch, we recommend going for it!

Lastly, we recommend sharing findings in the room. If you find something, but don’t know what it’s for, make sure your team is aware it’s there! Later on a teammate may find a different object that goes with the one you found earlier. Since they knew you found it, they can link the two together quickly!

Following these tips can help boost your chances to escape. We highly recommend you and your team come and try and escape this summer! We can’t wait to see you soon!

To make your reservation with Urban Escape Games you can visit our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189