Working at Urban Escape Games in Alpharetta is an amazing job. So many people are always commenting on how fun it must be to work for an Escape Game company. Being a Game Master is just as fun as people think and is one of the most exciting jobs! First, you get to watch each team race the clock in order to solve all of the puzzles and riddles in time before the hour mark is up. Watching teams play the Escape Games is the entertaining part of the job. You have the chance to see how each team interacts with one another and works together in order to solve the different puzzles and riddles. From watching so many games our Game Masters have seen it all (well almost). It’s always cool to see how different teams think and go about solving the different puzzles in our games. Sometimes we are just blown away with the insight some teams have!

As a Game Master, you also get the chance to learn all of the behind the scenes and see how each puzzle is solved in our escape games. Our Game Masters are highly trained on each and every game and puzzle found throughout our Escape Games. This way, they are ready to help any team deal with any situation or question that may arise during their hour of game play. They spend many hours in training so we know they can do an excellent job!

Sometime we like to call our game masters your team coach, because they are doing more than just watching you. They are cheering you on, helping you out, and encouraging you throughout the game. We sometimes say that Game Mastering is like watching your favorite sport, because you are constantly cheering your team on and hoping that they will escape the room!

To come visit our amazing Game Masters and make a reservation with Urban Escape Games you can visit our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189.