Come to Urban Escape Games for a spring fresh start to Team Building! Spring is finally here! Though the temperatures in Atlanta seem to say otherwise somedays. The spring season is a perfect time to come visit us at Urban Escape Games in Alpharetta. The idea behind spring is the thought of starting off new or fresh. So if you have never played any of our escape games, now is the time to start!

One of our priorities at Urban Escape Games is team building. Maybe you are starting a new job and need a way to bond with your coworkers outside the office! Urban Escape Games offers you a chance to build yourselves up as a team and take what you experience here to the workplace! It’s important to communicate with your teammates during the game, so if you need something to help you break the ice with new coworkers or even new friends, Urban Escape Games is the right place to do it!

Another one of our priorities here at Urban Escape Games is fun! Our four escape rooms, each with a different theme, are designed to challenge you in unique and fun ways! Thinking outside the box may be helpful, trying your ideas as they come to you will help boost your chance of escaping! Whether they escaped one of our rooms or did not, we find our customers always have a great time here. Those who do escape say they want to see if they can succeed at our other themes, whereas those who do not escape want to try their skills and teamwork in a different, yet equally challenging themed game.

So as we celebrate this wondrous spring season, we invite you to come have a great, potentially new team building experience here at Urban Escape Games. The fun times ahead are sure to be a fresh start to your Spring season! We look forward to seeing you all come to try our escape rooms!

To make a reservation with Urban Escape Games you can go to our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189.