Come enjoy a family fun Escape Game in Alpharetta! The school year is coming to an end so it’s the perfect time the get the family together and try out one of our four escape rooms. Our games are perfect for the whole family. We provide a fun, thought provoking experience that everyone will enjoy. Have kids that are super into magic? Our Magician’s Room game, designed by Mr. Magic himself, will be perfect for them to enjoy! Or, come try to take down the local mafia in our FBI: Mafia Investigation game. Or maybe, interested in medicine? The Center for Disease Control is a perfect place to visit, and lucky for you, we have a section of the CDC located right here in Alpharetta! Lastly, world famous Kimi Braxton has set up a challenge for the top thieves in the world in our Jewel Heist game, so come become a thief!

Each game offers a unique experience where everyone can get involved. Sometimes we find having different age groups in the game can actually BOOST the chances of escape. What you will find is a teambuilding experience like none other. Our customers are always amazed at seeing a side of themselves or their family they never knew about as they play our games. And our customers really get into the experience!

Sometimes we have customers show up in costume! While we don’t allow too much in the game, it is always a cool sight when customers show up for a Jewel Heist game wearing various pieces of jewelry or thieving costume pieces like masks. That kind of creativity can definitely be useful in our games as well.

So this Spring, come enjoy our escape room experiences right here in Alpharetta. Bring the creativity. Bring the family, and we will provide all the fun!

We looking forward to seeing you soon at Urban Escape Games! To make a reservation you can go to our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189.