Escape the pollen in alpharetta! Spring is a beautiful time of year, flowers and trees are blooming and everything is coming back to life after the harsh winter. But, for some people they hate this time of year because it’s allergy season! Allergy season is upon us! We live in Georgia and everyone knows that spring + pollen = Allergy season! The pollen count in Georgia gets higher and higher each year. Right now we are at a high count of around 1,000, but a few weeks ago the pollen got as high as 5,000 on days. Most people have some sort of allergies to the pollen, some more severe than others, and try to avoid going outside during this time to help with their allergy symptoms. That is why Urban Escape Games is a great place to have your next work team outing.

Going to outdoor places like Top Golf, putt putt golf, or even outdoor bars/restaurants are some people’s worst nightmare right now during this season. Our Escape Games are all indoors so no one will have to worry about the pollen count or their allergies acting up! Plus, we are experts in Corporate Team Building and create all of our Escape Games in-house based on Corporate Team Building.

Corporate teams have a blast when coming to Urban Escape Games! They love experiencing something new and they love all the communication and interaction with co-workers that our games require in order to escape the rooms.

Also, we may not have a bar here at Urban Escape Games, but we have many great restaurants in the area that are perfect for a nice meal and some drinks after your event with us! Our amazing event planning staff would love to give you any recommendations as to great places in the area to continue the fun!

To make a reservation with Urban Escape Games you can use our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189.